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Straatlig is a church based organisation which forms part of the bigger family of Stellenbosch Moedergemeente.
Our main focus is to be a safe haven for those living the fringes of society, especially those living in poverty. This haven is created by focusing on the caring and personal development of the homeless, destitute and needy people in the Greater Stellenbosch area. Our vision is to facilitate a process of healing, to restore hope to those that have lost a positive outlook on life and to empower people to live meaningful lives.

Straatlig makes a very important contribution to the Stellenbosch community through its various programs, while our commitment to partnerships and cooperation means that we never duplicate work that is already being done. Furthermore, the establishment of the after-care program provides an immeasurable service to children that face some of the harshest circumstances on a daily basis.

Straatlig strives towards excellence and has very little bureaucratic inhibitions making our work very effective and directly relevant. This means that your contribution (in the form of time, expertise or money) will be well spent and responsibly employed to make a difference where it counts. In addition to this, Straatlig is growing to become more accountable to its donors and has a policy of being honest and transparent. This, in addition to the goal of obtaining an NPO license means that all donations will be accounted for, with the possible benefit of tax rebates applying soon.

Straatlig streef daarna om ‘n familie te wees waar mense liefde, aanvaarding en hoop vind en heling ervaar, asook toegerus word om daarmee te gaan lewe. ‘n Familie wat gebou word op Jesus Christus as fondament.  Ons roeping is dus na die mense wat alleen, verneder, sonder hoop rondswerf, gevange in ‘n oorlewingstryd.  ‘n Stryd wat vinnig ‘n bose kringloop van honger, bedelary, vernedering, afbreek van selfrespek, misbruik van alkohol en dwelms, ens. tot gevolg het.

Straatlig het dus ten doel om ‘n familie te wees waarin mense geestelik en emosioneel gesond word en gehelp word om uiteindelik weer selfstandig en onafhanklik te word.

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Ruben Scheepers
Tel: 021 883 3458

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